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Re: Things FunStuffies Has Done in TrotMania or whatever...

Post by FunStuffies » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:14 pm

I did a quick thing for my Master Mode. I made a mission where you play "Faster Than You Know" on MANE-IAC, but as the song progresses, the speed modifier continues to increase. But when I went to test it, the speed reset to the original speed after about 5-10 seconds, even though it worked totally fine in Edit Mode AND I made sure to reload all the songs to have the attacks take effect.

I'm posting this link for you to download so that you guys can confirm this. I have a terrible PC, so anyone who has a great working computer, I'd like you to test it yourself and tell me whether it continues to increase speed throughout the song or if it stops after a while. ...

I have 2 theories as to what's going on:
1.) Due to the amount of attacks required to get this to work (trust me, look at it in Edit Mode and you'll see what I mean), the game just gives up partway through and doesn't load the rest of the attacks.
2.) My PC is the one that gives up since it sucks at doing basically anything.

Anyway, please send me feedback as soon as possible.

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