Visit the TrotMania channel on the PonyvilleFM Discord server. It is by far one of the best ways to get in contact with the main team and others.

The TrotMania IRC channel is #trotmania on Canternet; it is linked directly to the TrotMania Discord channel on PVFM &emdash; all messages sent within it will be sent to the Discord channel, and vice versa. While we do recommend using the Discord channel directly, we understand there still may be personal reasons. You can either join manually with your favorite client (we know you have one, admit it. We recommend Hexchat) or use the web chat client..

For more general StepMania support, you can also go to #stepmania or #stepmania-devs on Freenode. Some of the TrotMania team members (specifically Lirodon) and other associated users frequent the latter.


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