What’s the difference between Full Package and the “Songs only” packages?

The Full Package is a “portable” version of StepMania that has all of the TrotMania content (songs, courses, theme, etc.) pre-installed, and runs separate of any other StepMania installation you may have installed.

The “songs only” package is exactly what it says on the tin; it only contains the simfiles, so you can then add to an existing StepMania installation. There are also separate downloads of the theme and noteskin as well.

I get an error about a missing “MSVCR110.dll”

Download the latest Visual C++ runtimes from Microsoft

Does TrotMania work on OS X or Linux?

Yes, and no. The full packages are for Windows only, but yes, you can still add the content from the full or individual packages to an existing StepMania installation (it’s literally just StepMania with pre-loaded content). Just install StepMania for your OS from the official website and follow the instructions under “How do I add TrotMania content to an existing StepMania installation”.

How do I add TrotMania content to an existing StepMania installation?

Just like any other StepMania pack. A full package has the same directory structure as a normal installation of StepMania … well, because it pretty much is. Copy the TrotMania specific folders from the “Songs” and “Courses” folder, and move them to the respective folders in your mane (sorry couldn’t resist) installation.

The StepMania beginner guide can help you out if you’re unfamiliar with the folder locations (on non-portable installations, it is now officially recommended as of Beta 3 that you place your content in your Home/Application Data directory rather than in the program folder)

The same goes for the themes: the TrotMania themes only work on StepMania 5.0.12 and 5.1..

I patched in the new content to the old song packs, and now they’re looking weird: some songs are playing out of time, some have broken images, and it generally feels broken.

The updated song packs are intended to be installed on their own. We recommend deleting your old copies of the Rhythm is Magic, Chrystalize, and Aeternum Obscurum packs and replacing them entirely. In addition, make sure you reload your cache so the changes fully take effect properly if you’re using the same SM5 build: you go to Options and then select Reload Songs/Courses.

I have a Konami pad from the PS3 or Xbox 360 DDR games, but jumps aren’t working.

Thankfully, there is a workaround.

The arrows don’t show up at all on the Lab or Trials of the Embers songs in Euphorius

These songs utilize rendering techniques required for specific effects. However, they do not work if the video renderer is set to d3d (in fact, an SM developer has even admitted that the Direct3D renderer “seems neglected and broken in half a dozen different ways”). Go to the “Save” directory whereever your save data is stored, find Preferences.ini, and look under VideoRenderers. Change the line so that opengl is listed first.

It should read VideoRenderers=opengl,d3d

I want to join the project! Where do I begin?
Visit us on the #trotmania channel on PonyvilleFM Discord for more information.