Download TrotMania

Downloading TrotMania is simple; full package downloads contain all of the content, as well as the latest version of StepMania 5 for Windows, pre-configured in a single, portable package. There are also ZIP packages of the individual components, such as songs, themes, and courses, in case you would rather add it to an existing installation of StepMania 5. For more information, see the Help page. Almost all currently supported TrotMania content is optimized for StepMania 5.0.12 or 5.1.

Alongside the release of Euphorius, updated versions of previous editions of TrotMania were released with various quality-of-life changes. It is highly recommended that you replace your older versions of the song packs with their latest incarnations, as these are the versions future patches will be based on.

Be sure to download the latest version of the theme when downloading the full package. It contains tweaks and bug fixes made since the original release.

TrotMania IV: Euphorius

First released February 2017. You've been invited to a mysterious "Gathering of Embers" in a desert in the middle of nowhere. It is supposedly popular among a specific audience, has experimental art and underground music everywhere, and a bonfire with a wicker alicorn as its finale. This doesn't seem suspicious at all.

TrotMania III: Aternum Obscurum

Released between April 2015 and January 2016. Your career as a stagehand has dragged you into one of the glitziest celebrations of the summer solstice ever held! Too bad somepony is personally trying to spoil the party for you - and she's a headliner, no less!

TrotMania II: Chrystalize

Released between July 2013 and April 2014. Featuring nearly 90 songs (including special challenge edits), Chrystalize was the second completed TrotMania installment, with season 2 and 3 favorites, and other great songs by the fandom's best artists.

Revised once more for the fourth game, Chrystalize features new charts, various quality-of-life fixes, and even some media upgrades.

TrotMania I: Rhythm is Magic

Nothing beats the original, except the sequels. Unlike later versions, there were also non-pony songs in the mix — they have been removed, and the entire idea was dropped from later versions. Released November 2012 to June 2013, updated for quality-of-life in February 2017.

You can visit the TrotMania channel on the PonyvilleFM Discord server. It is the main public outlet for all your TrotMania needs.

For general StepMania support, you can also go to #stepmania or #stepmania-devs on Freenode. Some of the TrotMania team members (specifically Lirodon) and other associated users frequent the latter.

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What’s the difference between Full Package and the “Songs only” packages?

The Full Package is a “portable” version of StepMania that has all of the TrotMania content (songs, courses, theme, etc.) pre-installed, and runs separate of any other StepMania installation you may have installed.

The “songs only” package is exactly what it says on the tin; it only contains the simfiles, so you can then add to an existing StepMania installation. There are also separate downloads of the theme and noteskin as well.

I get an error about a missing “MSVCR110.dll”

Download the latest Visual C++ runtimes from Microsoft

Does TrotMania work on OS X or Linux?

Yes, and no. The full packages are for Windows only, but yes, you can still add the content from the full or individual packages to an existing StepMania installation (it’s literally just StepMania with pre-loaded content). Just install StepMania for your OS from the official website and follow the instructions under “How do I add TrotMania content to an existing StepMania installation”.

How do I add TrotMania content to an existing StepMania installation?

Just like any other StepMania pack. A full package has the same directory structure as a normal installation of StepMania … well, because it pretty much is. Copy the TrotMania specific folders from the “Songs” and “Courses” folder, and move them to the respective folders in your mane (sorry couldn’t resist) installation.

The StepMania beginner guide can help you out if you’re unfamiliar with the folder locations (on non-portable installations, it is now officially recommended as of Beta 3 that you place your content in your Home/Application Data directory rather than in the program folder)

The same goes for the themes: the TrotMania themes only work on StepMania 5.0.12 and 5.1..

I patched in the new content to the old song packs, and now they’re looking weird: some songs are playing out of time, some have broken images, and it generally feels broken.

The updated song packs are intended to be installed on their own. We recommend deleting your old copies of the Rhythm is Magic, Chrystalize, and Aeternum Obscurum packs and replacing them entirely. In addition, make sure you reload your cache so the changes fully take effect properly if you’re using the same SM5 build: you go to Options and then select Reload Songs/Courses.

I have a Konami pad from the PS3 or Xbox 360 DDR games, but jumps aren’t working.

Thankfully, there is a workaround.

The arrows don’t show up at all on the Lab or Trials of the Embers songs in Euphorius

These songs utilize rendering techniques required for specific effects. However, they do not work if the video renderer is set to d3d (in fact, an SM developer has even admitted that the Direct3D renderer “seems neglected and broken in half a dozen different ways”). Go to the “Save” directory whereever your save data is stored, find Preferences.ini, and look under VideoRenderers. Change the line so that opengl is listed first.

It should read VideoRenderers=opengl,d3d

I want to join the project! Where do I begin?
Visit us on the #trotmania channel on PonyvilleFM Discord for more information.

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So what is this anyway?

It’s a suite of content that ponifies StepMania.

No, what is it, really?

It is a suite of content (i.e. “simfiles” for an open source dance game: so you can finally get down (or mash your arrow keys) to your favorite songs about horses.

So you want to know how this all started? Good. You’ve come to the right place.

Lirodon first started the development thread for the TrotMania pack on the community site Zenius I Vanisher in December 2011, promising a StepMania 5 theme and a full song pack containing only music and remixes related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Admittedly, the main influences were A. Mungyodance (a heavilly modified StepMania-based game that primarily catered to the furry fandom and/or fans of hardcore techno) and B. a “self-contained” StepMania pack that VJArmy based off Beatmania IIDX 13.

While there were many naysayers (primarily those who doubted the legitimacy of the brony fandom to begin with), the project started off slowly, but only really got a boost when RIME was named co-chair of development for the pack. After hard work, some drama, and other complexities, the team celebrated Nightmare Night in style with the official release of the first edition.

Soon afterward, Lirodon announced the development of a second mix known as Chrystalize, which promises to make the pack, well, 20% cooler, and correct some abnormalities that sprang up in the later half of development for Rhythm is Magic. Chrystalize got a release on July 1, 2013, and dwarfed its predecessor’s size thanks to the side project Crusaders, developed primarily by RIME. In the spring of 2014, both projects concluded, with a new side project, Chrystalize Append, serving as a preview for what was to come.

In January 2015, TrotMania became part of PonyvilleFM, an electronic dance music-oriented brony radio station, introducing an updated website built on a more dedicated platform. Many of their staff members have connections to the Bemani fandom, much like the TrotMania staff, making them a perfect fit. This was followed by the release of Aeternum Obscurum, the third release. Yes, it did come out before Season 5.

The fourth release of the game, Euphorius, was released in February 2016.

Key Staff

  • Lirodon (creator, art, theme, stepper)
    • Pushed for the project in its original form as a memetic mini-pack. As an experienced themer, he’s coded and illustrated the four themes for the game so far, and Euphorius pushes the envelope further with some new features he’s responsible for in both the theming and content department. He also does assorted art for various songs in the game.
  • RIME (co-leader, art, stepper, gameplay filmer)
    • RIME along with InklingBear helped to get the project back into gear, packaging the final product together and having creative direction on the first two games’ patches. As time has gone on, one of the roles he takes is ensuring stylistic unity among other elements of quality assurance.
  • InklingBear (co-member, art, stepper)
    • InklingBear (aka Ice Bear) was a key element in getting the project off the ground, helping fill in steps and new songs for the first game and continuing on for the rest of the series.
    • Beginning with the second game, she began composing some originals for the series.
    • She also wrote the original charts for all songs from Chrystalize APPEND (which later became part of Aeternum Obscurum) alone.
  • Nazo (stepper)
  • Intersekt (theme musician for TrotMania IV)
  • Calena (stepper)
    • Calena’s project PonyMania was in a similar lane as TrotMania, lasting for 2 years and primarily aimed at keyboard players. Work from that series is being ported as of the fourth game.
  • Retropone (stepper, media wrangler)


  • Ben Speirs – Discord (The Living Tombstone’s Mix), Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix)
  • Silverhawke – Babs Seed (Reconciled Mix)
  • S.R. Foxley – Tester on both Chrystalize and Append
  • xnintendox – My Little Pony (Alex S. Remix) base simfile and Pump it Up steps
  • Warpdr!ve – Cloudsdale EVOLVED (Iron Pony)
  • Xsoft – Czech conventioneer
  • NEMESetup – Laughter, Hearts Strong As Horses (Sim Gretina Remix), Neverending Nightmare
  • DJ Vortivask – Lesson Learnt (Iron Pony)
    • Vortivask is a relatively new member of the community. Involved in both stepping and musicianship, his charts can cater to casuals but can also reach insane heights; his Lesson Learnt chart was one of 3 that reached level 19 (prior to some modification)! As of the fourth game, he is contributing music to the game.
  • C. Wiggers – Flutterwonder (Shroo’s Liquid D’nB Remix)
  • BLANK3T (stepper)
  • Diskette – Theme enhancements

Former Staff

  • FoRCeDNaTuRe (stepper; left after Rhythm is Magic)
  • Blinded_No_More (stepper; left after Chrystalize)
  • AkihiroIIDX (stepper, syncer; left after Rhythm is Magic)
  • Berrylicious (gameplay filmer; left away after Chrystalize)
  • Woona♡ (stepper; left during Euphorius for personal reasons, may return)
  • Tesselode (theme musician for TrotMania III)
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