The Gathering of Embers is an event that almost nopony had ever heard of. Thankfully, learning about ended up being a worthwhile experience.

TrotMania V

Spring will be sprung. Get ready for a royal party with some medieval flare!

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In case it wasn’t obvious, the thing about Train Spot and Wave Rider’s new EP was our official April Fool’s joke.

However, the egg hunt thing posted alongside it is legitimate; there just so happen to be hints towards upcoming content, as well as some newly-released content for Euphorius that plays upon one of our previous April Fools Day gags.

In addition, Embers Fall is inching closer to its endgame, which also means that something else is almost ready as well…

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Euphorius is slowly, but surely reaching the home stretch; Payload 5 will be the final major update to this edition of TrotMania. After that, we will be focusing our efforts on something else that will be the fifth in a row. Speaking of things involving the number “5”, we are also approaching the fifth anniversary of the release of our first pack! It’s insane to see how far we’ve come since then; it started off as just a simple pack and theme. Now look at all the content that is associated with Euphorius alone; more songs than ever. A boss system. An actual storyline. Ponifying something that has not been ponified much before (I still must admit that this theme was very fun to work with), etc.

Oh, and Trials

There is one more thing on that list which is also getting closer to completion – slowly, but surely, and that is Trials of the Embers – which will serve as the “official” finale of the Euphorius storyline. This is something that we’ve never done before; it builds upon things that we had only started doing on Euphorius to begin with, and is influenced heavily by the “sightreading” competitions that have gained traction within the In the Groove community.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it will work like this: there will be a set of stages, designed to be played in sequential order. We will not reveal what their songs are beforehand; only the staff knows, and you will only learn what they are when the stage begins (we will be using our best efforts to all but ensure this, and are not going to give you spoilers). In case playing unknown songs wasn’t bad enough, the arrows will also be twisted and contorted to the music in various ways. Contrast this to the “Lab” songs that have also been done on Euphorius; they have the same overall idea, except that you know what the songs are, and have likely played them before. At the same time, they will also be harder and more intense.

Despite the secrecy, there is one thing about Trials that I will spoil, however. It is actually incompatible with the current “stable” version of StepMania (which is the one that we also distribute, 5.0.12), because these songs actually use new features and effects that are not in the current version. In particular, StepMania 5.1 supports a subset of modifiers first introduced in the NotITG fork of OpenITG, while maintaining compatibility with content (such as themes) designed for use with the current 5.0.12 version (5.1 is not to be confused with that is now known as “5.2”; this is referring to the “5.1-new” branch. I must add that 5.2 supports these features too).

Thankfully, we have solutions. The first is one you may already be familiar with, given that it’s something we already do with the main pack; there will be a standalone package with everything included, and some special surprises too! Secondly, since it’s being used in our development process to begin with, all of the Trials songs will support NotITG, and we are aiming to provide visual parity between the SM5 and NotITG versions of each song.

Either way, Trials will be ready when it’s done; we have no specific timeframe beyond that a goal for it to be finished before the end of the year.

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aww look at em

You might have heard about Embers Fall, but now it’s officially published (apparently unsubmitted stories now just return 404 errors as of the new site update. I had held out on actually submitting it due to quality concerns and not having enough content at first to justify submission in my opinion, but now there’s enough and then this happened). Check it out if you want to actually see all of our mascot ponies actually doing something (or, well, read about them actually doing something).

Also, stay tuned, the next Euphorius update is almost here.

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TrotMania happens to be on Discord, for all your chatting needs. The PonyvilleFM Discord, to be exact. It’s the official, public channel for all your TrotMania needs. For more information, see the Chat page.

We are sort of decommissioning the IRC channel due to lack of use. It, however, will mirror messages sent in the Discord channel, and vice versa (hence, if you still want to use it to quickly communicate with the channel without necessarily firing up or signing up for Discord, you can).

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In case that previous post, with allusions to a certain game that is of a much larger size than the usual game, wasn’t obvious enough, the moment is finally near: TrotMania Euphorius releases this Sunday, about 48 hours from now (or so)!

We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for this moment, and so have you. This weekend, roll out those soft pads. Drag out your metal pads. Get out your PS2 USB adapters (does anyone know a good brand that works on Windows 10 64-bit?). Or get one of those fancy mechanical keyboards with the LED lights that you can light up in any colour you want (they’re pretty good!). And of course, get StepMania 5.0.12 installed if you don’t have it yet (You already should, though. Side effects of not doing so include not being able to know how well you did. So there.)

Of course, the most appropriate way to launch such a pack is with a full-on dance party! We have teamed up with our partner, PonyvilleFM, to bring you a six-hour marathon of shows on Sunday night featuring me, fellow team members InklingBear and Nazo (the latter as part of their Sunday-night show The Challenger), Midli, and Willow.


The official release will occur sometime on Sunday, likely during this event. But keep checking back throughout the day, because we might just surprise you out of nowhere too.

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