A deluge of new content!

Just a few days ago we revealed one of the key tenets of this Payload’s content, the musical episode completion. However, that’s not all that’s up our sleeve: we’ve got a whole 8 other songs waiting for you to try out!

  • Hailing from the show, we have…the show theme! Yes, the Alex S. remix has been in the series since the first installment, but now we have the actual extended version of the theme tune stepped for the game. It’s no slouch either, with a wicked little level 13 to keep you on your toes, perhaps literally!
  • We have a brand new composer making his debut in the series. Though he goes by many names, DJ Vortivask is the title he’s taken for this endeavor, a pumped-up little track called europa -THE ASCENSION-. The song is also making a dual appearance in fan project DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA3, with a different mix and slightly different instrumentation. This particular version has previously appeared in a step contest called the Zenius-I-vanisher Battle Royale that got our very own stepper RIME to qualify for the next round!
  • We’ve culled another remix from the fandom, this time from Spectra, making his first appearance in the TrotMania series. His remix of Friends Are Always There for You is quite the energetic one, with even a neat little piano breakdown that gives dancers a chance to both cool down and get thrown off thanks to the tempo cut!
  • Aoshi makes his TrotMania debut (under this alias; he previously appeared as “Hanna & Hiffa” on One Dark Mare) off a featured credit on SMOR3S’ song Kick Back, an aggressive trap track. This simfile was originally featured in the series PonyMania, created by step artist Calena, who is currently a part of this project. It has been adapted for TrotMania (as the original PonyMania was geared to keyboard players and thus flow had to be recalibrated, and had certain elements partial to hardcore/keyboard players like 3+ notes, jack notes, and individual mines depending on the song) and been given new graphics.
  • BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik make another appearance in this game, and once again it’s a remix, this time by PonyFireStone, another new face to the series! Quest appeared in the last game, Aeternum Obscurum, and this remix has more of a house vibe to it, and the charts are rather varied. The level 12 is especially wicked with the jumps!
  • Seventh Element is yet another new act to the series, getting his song Shadows into the game. Once again, this hails from a contest, though not the Battle Royale: instead this was in the Zenius-I-vanisher Simfile Shuffle, a contest in which a stepper writes charts for a song provided by another member. In this case, the stepper who’s given his approval to appear in the game is ledgam3r1279 who was given this song to step by our long-time team member InklingBear (a.k.a. fractilx). These charts are relatively straightforward in their flow, but all are guaranteed to give you a nice stamina whooping!
  • Two songs from the Pyrosentric Extra Stage system are now available for play in normal modes: these are CIDR.XXX and Flutterwonder (Shroo’s Liquid D’nB Remix). They retain the unique visuals provided to them in the mode. In addition, the regular Extra Stage from the initial release, Something in the Cookies is also available for regular play! These songs still are part of their respective systems, because there’s more where they came from…

We hope you enjoy the patch when it comes out imminently!

The show must go on!...I mean, the episode.

If you too are in the Northeast of the United States, you may have noticed how we’ve gotten such a blizzard that it feels like Christmas all over again. Well, coincidentally, we have quite the reveal for the upcoming Payload that matches that theme! That’s right, coming soon to the game is the rest of the song selection from the musical episode A Hearth’s Warming Tail. From the frolicking showtune-style track “Hearth’s Warming Eve is Here Once Again” to the villain tune “Say Goodbye to the Holiday”, the sentimental but ominous track “The Seeds of the Past” to the melancholy of “Luna’s Future”, now you can enjoy the whole story in a session (“Pinkie’s Present” was in the initial package of the game). We’ve even given you guys some help with that, as the brand new course “Comes From the Hearth” takes you through the songs in order! A five song marathon…can you last? The Payload is coming soon and there’s even more to announce in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

TrotMania happens to be on Discord, for all your chatting needs. The PonyvilleFM Discord, to be exact. It’s the official, public channel for all your TrotMania needs. For more information, see the Chat page.

We are sort of decommissioning the IRC channel due to lack of use. It, however, will mirror messages sent in the Discord channel, and vice versa (hence, if you still want to use it to quickly communicate with the channel without necessarily firing up or signing up for Discord, you can).

Besides a few little nitpicks and other issues that have been reported via our forum and Discord server, I personally think that the release of TrotMania Euphorius went pretty good. But of course, these nitpicks have to be addressed eventually. Thankfully, we tend to be good with that: if you are new to this particular pack, you should be aware that we sometimes release patches to address issues with the songs themselves, such as timing/sync and the routines themselves. We use a milestone-based system; each update typically contains such patches, and may also contain additional songs and other content.

On Euphorius, we will be referring to these milestones as “payloads”. Each one will be cumulative; they will all contain the contents of all previous patch packages, so if you miss an update, you can catch up. In rare cases, we may update the full package download to include these patches as well.

The TrotMania themes also tend to receive updates over time, but these are often bug fixes and minor adjustments. Some are timed to release alongside song updates, but most of them are out-of-band (i.e. not on any specific schedule. If the bugs are urgently in need of fixing, they’ll be urgently patched). We suggest you keep checking back on the TrotMania site from time to time for updates on these, well, updates.

There just so happens to be one of these theme updates right now, actually (which is the real reason for this post, to be honest). Theme version 1.0.3 is now on the downloads page, which fixes a few minor bugs and issues, and also adds a refreshed results screen. We suggest that you check it out if you had previously downloaded Euphorius.

They look like they want to kill you, but are actually cinnamon rolls.

“Brought to you by Sand: It’s everywhere! Get used to it.
Excellent art by cereal-water

As you waited patiently for a 15-minute bus ride back to Las Pegasus after three straight nights of partying alternated with being a stagehand, you couldn’t help but wonder what this ‘Gathering of Embers’ event being advertised at the truck stop was all about. On your way out, however, you wound up bumping into a mysterious pegasus that called herself “Blast Furnace”. She recognized you from over the weekend, and was all but interested in explaining what this Gathering thing was about. Her enthusiasm over this event you’ve never heard of was no surprise, given that her extended family has direct involvement in it. As if your career as a lighting technician hasn’t dragged you into interesting subcultures already.

All the stuff she was talking about was intriguing; camping out in a temporary city in the middle of a desert near Reino that disappears entirely when it’s all done, weird experimental art, campsites hosting DJs you’ve never heard of before, everyone dressing up like they’re an extra in that Project Horizons movie (everypony loved it, although the critics thought it was a bit too long), and a gigantic bonfire involving some form of ‘wicker mare’ that represented a mythical being of evil that has long been banished to a different realm. She even offered to provide you with orientation to deal with the “finer points” of the event, although the mere fact that there are finer points alone are a tad odd.

One thing you do know for sure, is that this may be a good way to get your mind off a certain pony that clearly has a grudge on you for trying to reveal something that not even you are quite sure about. But If this Gathering were such an obscure event, surely Obscurus wouldn’t even even try to seek you out in the middle of nowhere, right? You’d think…


This is it, everypony! TrotMania Euphorius is finally here. There was a time back when I didn’t even think that TrotMania would be more than just a one-and-done fan project. But, clearly, that wasn’t the case, given that we’ve now done this four times in a row! If you’ve been following us since the beginning, you should know exactly what to expect.

We have a brand new StepMania 5 theme, over 60 new songs – including selections from the Ponies at Dawn and Pinkamena Party albums (and still more to come), a slew of new challenges, and a number of things that we have never done before. One of these new challenges (also a thing that we’ve never done before) is, appropriately, experimental art. Although if you’ve been following the general StepMania/ITG community, you can probably figure out what it is by this description alone.

Rather than keep you waiting with five more paragraphs full of exposition and explanation, let’s just cut to the chase and get on with the show, shall we!

Also, as I mentioned before, we’re still having an OC art contest inspired by Euphorius; your art could be featured within the TMIV theme on future updates and patches. The logic behind extending it was one of sensibility, now that you have your hooves on the final product for influence to see how its done. Several of the entries are already in it, so check it out!


An update has been released to the theme that fixes a few minor oversights. It is available on the downloads page.

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