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The Gathering of Embers is an event that almost nopony had ever heard of. Thankfully, learning about ended up being a worthwhile experience.

Trials of the Embers

"Pay attention to everything, and everypony. You know what's real and what's not. Don't let her visions overwhelm you. If she has a malicious intent, we can take her down together."

“Train Spot and Wave Rider’s energy and passion for electronic music: that is The Third Rail.

Today, we’ve released our debut EP ‘Logical Rebellion Tactics’. We’ve been experimenting with combinations of our contrasting styles for quite a while, but now I think we’ve hit the sweet spot.

The Third Rail is not just a one-off collaboration; we’ve already got more material on track for a release later this year, and we’ve already got some dates planned for the new live show we’re developing. Mareami, Tampa Neigh, New Oreins, Los Alicorns, Seaddle, Las Pegasus, et cetera. First the United Stables, then the world! We don’t just want to vacation to Galaville, we want to perform there!

Anyway, before our egos and aspirations get to us, we invite you to give our EP a listen! We’ll have further details about our tour up soon, so stay tuned.”

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The Spring Renaissance is a carnival which celebrates the impending arrival of Spring. It is more commonly-celebrated in warmer regions, mainly because they don’t have as much Winter to wrap-up as everypony else. However, the most well-known version in Amareica is held in New Oreins – a city with a heritage of settlers from Prance, and unique royal traditions that still exist to this day.

It is typically celebrated through various masquerade events organized by social groups known as Guilds, including dances, and, more prominently, parades. Despite the historical significance of many aspects of this celebration, no two ponies play it off with the same level of seriousness; many use it as an excuse for partaking in wild parties, excessive LARPing, dressing up like royals, and other mischief. But some embark on a quest for a chance to become a ceremonial Noblepony – one of the city’s most prestigious honors (besides being the honorary royal couple, of course).

The Spring Renaissance is most popular among locals, but it also attracts tourists from around the world – especially in the days leading up to its grand finale – Renaissance Day – which always falls on a Tuesday in February or March. But out of all of the questions you’re asking yourself right now, there’s one that probably sticks out the most: how did our favorite villains (and heroes) even get here?

Fillies and gentlecolts, we are going medieval.

Welcome to TrotMania V: Shrive.

I think it’s pretty obvious what this version’s theme is, especially if you realize why it was unveiled today in particular (It’s Carnival, Mardi Gras, etc.). It’s underrepresented in fandom artwork (excluding stuff marked as “Questionable” on Derpibooru; it’s clear where everyone’s real priorities are, but we hope to change that), and will give TM V a brighter and more festive atmosphere over the darkness of III and the grungier feel of IV. However, there will be notable continuity between Shrive and Euphorius; if you’ve been reading the most recent Embers Fall chapters (especially one which was posted just last night), you may have noticed that New Oreins has some representation out in Neighvada, in more ways than one.

Given our choice of terminology, this version of the event will emphasize its medieval overtones, but still feature some of the hallmarks of the real-world version. These elements have, in turn, influenced some of the most ambitious ideas we’ve ever had for TrotMania, period. With that in mind, we can’t wait to reveal all the twists and turns we have in store.

No matter how ambitious our plans are, there’s always one goal at the top of our list; to showcase the fandom’s best musical talent. We’ve been doing this since day one, version I, and we’re not slowing down just yet!

The Long Road Ahead

In real life, it would take 34 hours, driving nearly 2,230 miles, to get between the locations where IV and V were held, so there’s a long road ahead for all of us – both literally and metaphorically. Either way, TrotMania has and always will be a volunteer-driven, fan-run project, so we’re looking for new members to join our team. We have opportunities for steppers, artists, as well as musicians this time around; for more details, inquire on the TrotMania Discord channel on PonyvilleFM, or the “Join the Herd” section of the forum. We also have a song suggestion form, where you can submit music (either suggestions from others, or your own) for consideration by our team.

We do not currently have a target for when Shrive will be released, but we know for sure it will be sometime in 2018. The fandom has been experiencing a renaissance of its own, and we want you to be along with us for the ride!

On the other hoof, let’s not forget that we’re not quite done with Euphorius yet: the endgame is neigh…

 Preview, Shrive  

As it is the thing that makes TrotMania possible period, we’d like to announce that StepMania 5.1 Beta 1 has been officially released. It is designed, mainly, to be an updated version of 5.0.12 with some updates under the hood (including a new default theme, which has some subtle TrotMania DNA in a few places), as well as some insane new capabilities for those who enjoy our, ahem, experiments.

It is also backwards compatible with content designed for for 5.0.12, so the TrotMania themes will work just fine on 5.1 without any need for modifications.

The aforementioned “insane capabilities” are the ones that Trials of the Embers depend on; in other words, this is the version you will need to run them. There will still be a curated experience designed to enhance Trials, but now that we have an official 5.1 build, distributing it will now be just as easy as a Payload when its done, rather than what I originally had in mind.

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With our partners at PonyvilleFM celebrating their 7th anniversary, we thought it would be cool to give you guys the penultimate patch for our fourth title, loaded to the brim with tons of content!

New Songs

  • Music to My Ears and Unleash the Magic hail from the Equestria Girls series
  • We continue work with our partners from Zenius-I-Vanisher in getting crossovers from the indie electro scene. Up first is BVG, a eurobeat artist whose rearrangement of a piece by former pony artist eXtaticus appears in the game with All We Can Do. Then there’s Quick Man, whose Talking to the Mirror provides some tense breakbeats to get your groove on to!
  • Pound 131, bank pain, R3CTIFIER with Phoxi, and Silver Note all make their debuts in the series with Chaos Within, Empire Past, overwrite_deity, and Run respectively.
  • PonyMania porting continues as DashStep by Baasik makes its debut in the TrotMania series. It is one of the harder standard bosses in the series, with a wicked level 17 Challenge chart to contend with!
  • The final Pyrosentric bosses, Mutate and NIGHTWING STIMUL8R, along with the OMES YANDANCER, are now available for normal play!

However, that’s not even close to the end, as there is a second Pyrosentric that begins now. Where the first had bosses in the moderate 15-16 range, this set pulls no punches, with several charts going hard into the 17 range. 4 existing tracks (Do You Love Me (Crystal Mix), Entropy (Sim Gretina Remix), In Our Town (Eurotopia Mix), and Return) have received new charts for this mode, and 4 other songs remain shrouded in mystery, perhaps more if you do well…


  • Almost all applicable songs in Euphorius now have lyric files which will display timed in-game, courtesy of newly appointed TM dev “\\”.
  • The following new charts have been added: In Our Town (Challenge 15), J2R (Expert 14), Come Alive (Challenge 14), To the Sky (Challenge 11 (SA)), Entropy (Sim Gretina Remix) (Challenge 16 (SA)), Return (Challenge 17), In Our Town (Eurotopia Mix) (Challenge 16), Do You Love Me (Crystal Mix) (Challenge 14).
  • Basashi has been altered significantly in terms of its cut and steps.
  • Vinylicious is now credited to Scraton and its graphic set has been changed to reflect this.
  • Spirit of Fire’s background script from the Mod Lab pack is now part of its normal version.
  • Cloudsdale EVOLVED (all versions) has been cleaned up on Expert.
  • Good Girl (Sub.Sound Remix) is now Good Girl (JoinedTheHerd Remix) and its graphics have been redone (in higher resolution!) to reflect this.
  • Other minor improvements have been made across the board.

Regarding the Mod Lab

The Mod Lab pack is now part of the main patches! Note that they have received minor enhancements since their individual appearance with the last patch, along with new previews to help differentiate them from their normal counterparts.

Not to be outdone

The theme has also received its 1.5 update, which includes some fit and finish tweaks, the changes necessary to use the new Pyrosentric set correctly, as well as some, ahem, plot-related … things. The previous NoteSkin download has also been merged into the Theme bundle, and also has some new additions in the form of Equality2 (finally updated to match the appearance of the other noteskins as of TM4), and Horsemaniax.

Note to those who have older versions of the TM4 theme; due to the changes and optimizations in this release, it is highly recommended that you not overwrite an older version of the theme with this one, and that you just delete the older version and replace it with 1.5.


These are temporary mirrors; the Downloads page will be updated with these downloads once our standard mirrors are up:

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