ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Vylet Pony Event!

We have officially hit 50 songs in the game, and while we finish up with other elements of the game, further songs are specifically special stuff. The first of these is an event with Vylet Pony, an electronic-house/glitch-hop/dance-pop/etc. artist who has recently become noticeably popular in the fandom with songs like Fall to the Clouds, Starcrossed, Golden Light, and several others. The guy’s released multiple albums, including his recent experimental album Control Freaks Pt. 1. Today we are proud to announce (with his approval) three songs from his catalog will be released with game launch to bring the total songs to 53 and adding another course!

Sound off on more artists you’re interested in seeing and what you think of this news!

  1. Dark Sunrise


  2. sleumas2000

    I am really looking forward to this!

  3. DancinDRock



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