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In case it wasn’t obvious, yes TrotMania 46 was an April Fool’s joke.

But as we tend to do around here, there’s something within the joke that is real (thanks to the newest member of our stepchart team, KexMiX!), and you won’t need a gold-plated cabinet to play it.

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Today, we would like to proudly announce the upcoming release of our newest version, TrotMania IV6, in honor of our ongoing sixth anniversary year!.We’ve been putting a ton of effort into this release, so I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

Our next generation user interface has been polished and upgraded. Background display effects make operating your game smoother.

Fittingly, we are celebrating this milestone with a grand total of six, all-new songs. As we mentioned earlier, this is a singular release that will be nearly “final” off the bat, so you won’t have to fumble with patches. We also have additional content (including nonstop courses, an additional song, and Versus 99 mode) that will be exclusive to our exciting new “6th Anniversary Model”. We will provide details of these at a later date..

Stay tuned later today for more information about IV6!


Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues (and the fact that we don’t have enough gold to make all the 6th Anniversary Models — gold is expensive, you know! Plus, you could barely see the screen with all the glare), the release of TrotMania IV6 has been delayed indefinitely. However, we know you wanted something out of this, so we released a “permanent beta” of it!

Download TrotMania IV6 Theme “permanent beta”

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“Train Spot and Wave Rider’s energy and passion for electronic music: that is The Third Rail.

Today, we’ve released our debut EP ‘Logical Rebellion Tactics’. We’ve been experimenting with combinations of our contrasting styles for quite a while, but now I think we’ve hit the sweet spot.

The Third Rail is not just a one-off collaboration; we’ve already got more material on track for a release later this year, and we’ve already got some dates planned for the new live show we’re developing. Mareami, Tampa Neigh, New Oreins, Los Alicorns, Seaddle, Las Pegasus, et cetera. First the United Stables, then the world! We don’t just want to vacation to Galaville, we want to perform there!

Anyway, before our egos and aspirations get to us, we invite you to give our EP a listen! We’ll have further details about our tour up soon, so stay tuned.”

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Today, we are proud to announce something new we’ve been working on; historically, TrotMania has been a game about dance. That hasn’t changed, and that never will. This is a new game that is more about performance, and it’s called…

Perficientur Dignitas

Obscurus Noctis and her, ahem, friends, are finally getting their own spin-off! It’s all about adding your own, villainous touch, to some excellent music; we’ve developed a new digital vocal synthesizer system that allows you to pick between the excellent singing voices of Obscurus, Train Spot, and Wave Rider (and maybe even more) on every song. You can unlock a slew of costumes and accessories to dress up your bandmates as wickedly, or as stupidly, as you want. It’s all about flexibility.


The game itself is pretty simple to figure out, but as always, we’ve found ways to make it deviously evil. But of course we would; only the evilest of charts for our excellent antagonist! There will be a wide variety of songs over time, including some favorites from the TrotMania series, of course, but it will be skewed primarily towards pop, rock, and dance.

Song select

We expect to make an initial release of Obscurus Noctis: Perficentur Dignitas later this year. In the meantime, we’ve uploaded extended gameplay footage to YouTube, showcasing a few of the songs and costumes that will be featured in-game.

While you wait, you can check out TrotMania Euphorius as well; we just released its first major patch recently.

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