The Guild Gauntlet

A major pastime associated with the Spring Renaissance, is collecting up the various loot that almost every guild literally throws around during parties and parades. Candy, necklaces, light sticks, and the like are the most frequent, but another notable variety of trinket are “guild coins” — which feature annual designs representing specific guilds, and have varying levels of rarity and quality.

However, the most dedicated of revelers are not just looking for any old guild coins. “Runic” guild coins — a rarer variety that is made from actual metal — are the most uncommon. Every year, the runic coins of six, specific guilds are sought after by revelers. Why, you ask? They are the first step on a journey, that could potentially lead to (informal) nobility!

It’s more about the tradition itself rather than actual royal status. But it’s still a nice achievement to flaunt on your Ponyhoof!

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