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Posted Feb. 26

Is everyone hyped for BlipCon? I sure am! So much so that I arrived in New Oreins early! know the con’s not until the weekend after next, but there’s this peculiar regional holiday going on, and my friends from Duskgem kind of sort of dragged me and @the_chaotic_kisol into it, basically.

From what I’ve gathered, the “lore” of this holiday is that they focus more on celebrating the arrival of Spring here, since they don’t need to “wrap up” Winter due to the climate. But at the same time, the “bringers of Winter” try to “migrate” south when they’ve been ceremonially pushed out of the North, and apparently they hate it when everypony dresses up and puts on formal balls and parades. It culminates on something called “Renaissance Day”, which happens on the Tuesday right before the con.

In practice, they seem to either reuse their Nightmare Night costumes, or otherwise dress up like they’re some sort of royal/medieval figure, or they’re going to a masquerade ball. I’ve found it pretty easy to fit in among this crowd: for all I know, a comic con and a medieval fair spilling out into the streets all at once is considered a normal occurrence around here!

All of these festivities are played either straight or tongue-and-cheek, depending on how serious the “guild” who runs them are. Some really do adhere to the “royal traditions” of the city, some err, not so much. And then you have Kisol, who’s on a quest to collect these coin things that you can redeem to become an unofficial official royal or something like that.

I’m not really aiming to get too into it, I’m just here to loosen up and have some fun before I focus on preparing for the Hooves of Fury tournament at BlipCon. Expect me to spam my Ponyhoof scroll with highlights of our antics over the next few weeks or so, and especially during BlipCon. I got a new Otoha cosplay to go with Kisol’s Captain Wretch, and it’s gonna be wicked. Very wicked.

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