It's Been a Hard Year...

With 2020, the consensus was that big, elaborate April Fools jokes were in poor taste what with the current global situation. Said situation is still going on to this day, as you may have noticed. Thus, we’ve decided to forgo even a throwaway joke and instead do a little info-drop for the upcoming TrotMania VI: Loopback to help make it up to our followers! We can confirm that at launch, the game will come with at least 20 new songs, including the following:

  • The Magic of Friendship Grows
  • Addict / Silva Hound feat. Michael Kovach & Chi-Chi
  • Stop the Bats (Remix) / The Living Tombstone
  • Daybreaker / Vylet Pony
  • Poison Joke / TAPS feat. Bob E-Quine

We’re also revealing the following little teases:

  • Another one of the tunes made for the Japanese dub of the Friendship is Magic series will be making its debut in this mix, it’s rather alliterative!
  • Two of the above listed artists have another song in the setlist, in different categories than their confirmed appearance.
  • A showtune that previously only appeared in remixed form is debuting in its original form.
  • The following brony artists are making their series debut in this mix:
    • Age of Vinyl
    • Brittany Church
    • Coconeru
    • Hay Tea
    • Steven, A.D.
  • An original song made for the TrotMania series will be available at launch!

We hope you’ll be discerning of any big pranks this year and hope you look forward to further news on Loopback! Content development is still relatively early on, the current setlist is still mostly in the chart creation phase and the graphic phase is a ways off, so it might be a while before there’s more news on that front.

 VI - Loopback, Preview  
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