Brightness Darkness

TrotMania III is about the sun and the moon; the light in the dark, the friends you find in a land of strangers, and the evil that waits among the shadows. It’s also about that one pony who doesn’t know what a “PLUR” is supposed to be (in pony terms, its basically the rave culture’s version of the Elements of Harmony, but streamlined into four rather than six. Their L is for love, not laughter), and another who would rather jointly turn this festival into a musical warzone than a celebration of the Summer Solstice. They are the faces of TM III.

Obscurus Noctis is a DJ from Mareami striving to be best in the world; unfortunately, it’s not really working out for her. Obscurus believes her well-deserved spotlight is being constantly stolen by overrated producers putting out songs that are carbon copies of each other with no originality. Her quest for ego intensified, and now she’s going at any length she can to get noticed. So, what is her plan this weekend? Play enchanted records at the Moonbase stage at SSC to hypnotize everypony in attendance, making them unable to escape her music and believe that the night will never end!

Will somepony find a way to defeat her spell before she puts Las Pegasus in the most literal state of trance ever since Episode 700?

If anypony can, it’s this particular stallion. Meet Chaotic Kisol; in case you’re wondering, that’s just his screen name on about a bazillion forums, but everypony else tends to call him that in real life as well. He is a connoisseur of electronic music, but raving, cybergoth fashion, and analyzing the meanings of songs are his hobbies of choice. It was the last of these three hobbies that made him suspicious of Obscurus, as he noticed clues in her recent singles that seemed to suggest she was up to something horrific. Then, he found out that his hometown of Las Pegasus was going to be the target; uh oh. All is not lost, as Kisol might have found the way to counter her musical spells … with the help of some friends of course. If interested, he’s waiting near the VIP area at the Solstice Fortress.

Craving more? We will be coming up with more thorough biographies of these “mascot” characters soon. They are the first members of our “universe”, a shared world that will be occupied by the characters of TrotMania. I hope to provide more details about this universe soon (most likely after TM III is released. There will be news about that very soon, so stay tuned!).

Oh, and by the way, yes, we encourage fan art of these two. In fact, we will (much like EQD) occasionally showcase fan art of our characters or OCs set within the universe too.


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