• Phenotrancex9

    Tirek theme party? 0_o
    I guess… he wanted to be the “centaur” of attention. XD

    You guys are pretty hype recently, I see. And let the party of the night commence!

  • Diskette

    I do wonder what is it, that we have…but more importantly, who’s saying that to who? Protagonist to Antagonist, or vice versa? And what’s the item? Obscurus’ enchanted record we need to retrieve back (i guess), or Sun has something Obscurus wants?

    (…the keybox, mayheps?)

  • Dreamland200 (Author)

    Good guesses so far you two. :3

  • Lirodon


    There is no enchanted record. Didn’t you read the Night 2 prompt? Her special talent is basically strapping Oculus Rifts onto everypony else by force.

  • Diskette


    I…may have missed that.

    Thing is, like i said, i don’t fully understand the whole lore yet (but slowly getting there), plus from what i remember reading on the initial (pre-)release is reading about her using enchanted records…
    …Or what happened, is in a convenient plot twist, we discovered it’s not actually the record, it’s a magical VR device strapped into every attendant’s head?

    …I need to re-read the whole thing.

  • Lirodon


    Obscurus’s “enchanted record” is a ruse; merely a red herring and a prop. She’s basically got unicorn magic that allows her to “project” a virtual reality onto other ponies. Certain types of music, or music composed in a specific way, is what amplifies said power.



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