• Diskette

    Ohwow…i-i just bought It’s a Pony kind of Christmas album this evening…and now i see it as a playable stepchart…

    And such perfectly timed too, since i’m hosting another dance party with my family tomorrow..
    …I’m totally forcing them to play these.

    (also on another note, Night 3 is coming? Soon?)

  • Dreamland200 (Author)

    It’ll come very soon! Trust us.

  • JockeTF

    Awesome! Thanks a ton!

  • Phenotrancex9

    You guys are really awesome! xD
    Still wondering if anyone did make all the TEN songs in the “Pony kind of Christmas” album into playable stepcharts…. lol

    Anyway, this album is highly recommended man, and I just can’t stop listening to all of them, especially the “Days Gone By” sang by Applejack and her family member. (Awww, Tabitha’s voice way too soft and unnoticeable in the song…).

    Somehow, from the jacket and the banner art of the Maud one, which is the “Baltimare Mining Operation”, I just keep getting the wrong feeling that Maud is punching the heck out of Holder’s Boulder, and Limestone was furiously yelling at her non-stop from the picture’s perspective…. lol


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