Incoming improvements!

Alongside the final update to TM3, will also be some slight improvements to the StepMania theme for it that, in my opinion, really should have been done a long time ago (I must admit that this particular change is actually a backport from the Euphorius theme. We’ll talk about that one soon)


The folders are finally useful.

There’s also some other things that are being tweaked, and also, a big surprise that ties into the final update. We’ll divulge further details when it’s out, though.

(and one more thing; the comment sections on articles have been refreshed a bit! You can now have an avatar)

 III - Aeternum Obscurum, Preview  
  • Diskette

    Any possibility for a sorting menu? Chrystalize has unused jacket graphics for most sorting options, but was never implemented, which i’m guessing is because it is hard to implement…maybe?


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