Road to Euphorius: The Neighvada Trail (April Fools 2016)

Euphorius is shaping up pretty good so far, so it’s about time to do what we do best: endlessly teasing new content until we finally have something material for you to play with just to alleviate any doubts over whether we’ve actually been doing things. Yes, we’ve been doing things.




Also, check out the video preview of all three songs.

This is only the beginning though. We’re going to be trying something new next week called a “TrotBomb”; from the 4th through the 8th of April, we will be revealing one new song per-day. Or in other words, five songs in five days. We do have enough confirmed songs to dare do something like this, so you won’t be disappointed. It’s not like we’re just pulling songs out of thin air to make it look like we’re doing thing when we’re really just slacking off.

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