We are composed from love and our levels of strength are higher than yours

You know what we love? When an April Fool’s gag is so subtle that absolutely no one notices something is off.

Yeah, about those new songs we revealed today? Uh, they’re … not MLP songs. Two of them are actually remixes from another show that’s been popular lately…


“…now GO. HAVE. FUN! ”

And the last one is a FNAF reference too.

  • Diskette

    I legit fell for them. Very well played, Liro.
    The song title cards, the art, the hype, they all fell so real…
    April fools is one of my most favorite day of the year, and i also contribute to unusual jokes aswell…should’ve seen this one coming though…

  • RIME

    I’ll take that as a compliment, because I was the one who made the album art for the songs and the trailer (did you catch the bit at the end? That was the reveal of the ruse).

  • Diskette

    @RIME I did see the little bit at the end of the trailer, thought it was just messing around with the trailer.

    Couldn’t really notice the actual ruse, since i never watched Steven Universe, which probably why i easily fell for it.

    Good job on the art, and of course the really cool trailer, Rime :D


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