Errata of euphoria

Besides a few little nitpicks and other issues that have been reported via our forum and Discord server, I personally think that the release of TrotMania Euphorius went pretty good. But of course, these nitpicks have to be addressed eventually. Thankfully, we tend to be good with that: if you are new to this particular pack, you should be aware that we sometimes release patches to address issues with the songs themselves, such as timing/sync and the routines themselves. We use a milestone-based system; each update typically contains such patches, and may also contain additional songs and other content.

On Euphorius, we will be referring to these milestones as “payloads”. Each one will be cumulative; they will all contain the contents of all previous patch packages, so if you miss an update, you can catch up. In rare cases, we may update the full package download to include these patches as well.

The TrotMania themes also tend to receive updates over time, but these are often bug fixes and minor adjustments. Some are timed to release alongside song updates, but most of them are out-of-band (i.e. not on any specific schedule. If the bugs are urgently in need of fixing, they’ll be urgently patched). We suggest you keep checking back on the TrotMania site from time to time for updates on these, well, updates.

There just so happens to be one of these theme updates right now, actually (which is the real reason for this post, to be honest). Theme version 1.0.3 is now on the downloads page, which fixes a few minor bugs and issues, and also adds a refreshed results screen. We suggest that you check it out if you had previously downloaded Euphorius.

 IV - Euphorius, Update  
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