Art contest update + Return to the Festival

Art Contest update

You may remember that we had a contest prior to the release of Euphorius to

Given how few participants there were, I have decided not to judge the entries, and instead give out packages of art offers for all participants based on the amount of contributions they made, including at least a Movie-style vector of your character. You will be contacted, or you can contact me (either on Discord, DA or Tumblr), about your prizes, over the next little bit.

You all did an excellent job, and we would like to personally thank you for taking part!

Return to the Festival!

You remember that StepMania 5.1 we were originally targeting for Euphorius? With the new options menu, all the theme-breaking changes and other what-not? It’s still being worked on as StepMania 5.2, and I have (once again) ported the TrotMania III theme to work on current alpha builds of it. It also has some other quality-of-life tweaks backported from Euphorius. Since the last time you saw it, the new options menu has also gained a few new tricks, including new effects mods, and mouse support (1P only for now).

I'd recommend looking under Effects


One of them does this particularly silly thing.

SM 5.2 also has a new, purpose-built default theme that was designed by me with help from the overall community, but the point of this port was to ensure that a well-equipped, existing 5.0 theme can be ported to 5.2 in its current state without much compromise. Obviously, themes that have functions that go a bit deeper may be a bit trickier to port (and on a related note, battle mode is broken at the moment, which is why it’s also excluded). If you wish to try it out (either with a compilation of the current master branch, or the nightly Windows builds you can get from here), you can download the TM III SM 5.2 Technology Preview (alpha 2) here. It includes the theme port, as well as a port of the TM4 noteskin (and a few new ones, including that “Cannon” one from earlier).

Note, that I am mainly publicizing this for those who are well-versed with SM and would like to test things out. If you are a casual player or do not wish to use alpha-quality software, it is recommended that you stay on 5.0.x and just wait for 5.2 to be done (it’ll happen, eventually). Neither the theme or 5.2 are final.

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