The Third Rail

“Train Spot and Wave Rider’s energy and passion for electronic music: that is The Third Rail.

Today, we’ve released our debut EP ‘Logical Rebellion Tactics’. We’ve been experimenting with combinations of our contrasting styles for quite a while, but now I think we’ve hit the sweet spot.

The Third Rail is not just a one-off collaboration; we’ve already got more material on track for a release later this year, and we’ve already got some dates planned for the new live show we’re developing. Mareami, Tampa Neigh, New Oreins, Los Alicorns, Seaddle, Las Pegasus, et cetera. First the United Stables, then the world! We don’t just want to vacation to Galaville, we want to perform there!

Anyway, before our egos and aspirations get to us, we invite you to give our EP a listen! We’ll have further details about our tour up soon, so stay tuned.”

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