The Grand April Commencement Mystery Egg Hunt of 2018

“In our voyages around the country, we came across quite the tradition in this one interesting place called Pantown, where they’ve got a booming business making what you can probably guess. They don’t have much space for fields and such, so their Winter Wrap Up tradition for the fillies involves a mass of eggs being presented at once, with some having goodies and others having…well, I wouldn’t call them bad, but they tend to be a bit on the mischievous side.

It reminds me of a certain tradition I’ve heard about from one of New Oreins’ festivals, but now I’m getting off topic. Anyway, inspired by this, on this glorious day heralding the arrival of April, we’ve decided to present our own take on this little activity for all of you across the land! Pick as many eggs as you want, just know that while there are plenty of duds, there’s some real gold lying in there somewhere…”

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