Road to 5

So I thought I’d re-decorate the place!

In addition, given that I’ve admittedly not posted on the site in a while, I thought I’d also share a few of the chart and song preview videos RIME has made, so you’ll have a taste of what’s to come.

In addition, we’re once again open to art submissions for inclusion in the theme! We’re not formally doing the “contest” this time around, but if you’d like to contribute results screen backgrounds or OC vector art (if you want an idea of the artistic standards needed, see the details from the TM IV equivalent – either of your OC or one of our existing mascots). Our theme for TM V is basically Carnival. Although our visual motif and setting is based primarily on Mardi Gras, the lore of our version has a larger focus on medieval motifs and imagery, so you don’t nessecarily have to stick to one city’s interpretation of the holiday as influence!

Also, we have a few very special opportunities available if you’re a composer. In both cases, inquire on our Discord channels for more information!

 V - Shrive, Preview  
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