The Gathering of Embers is an event that almost nopony had ever heard of. Thankfully, learning about ended up being a worthwhile experience.

TrotMania V

Spring will be sprung. Get ready for a royal party with some medieval flare!

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(“That’s what she said. That odd blue DJ mare with the glowing stuff, anyway”)

Well, today was a historic day in the world of Pony, for several reasons. The first one is something you should already know, and the second is a spoiler from today’s episode that everyone probably found out about by accident even if they were desperately avoiding it. Yes, it’s proven: the more songs in a MLP episode, the greater the chance some dramatic event is going to occur.

But now, we have a third reason: the mini-drought is over. Today, we’ve got a three-pack of new “DLC” songs for Aeternum Obscurum, featuring tracks from the recently-released collaborative album Celestial Planes

Not Night 3 but we're getting closer

These songs will also be included in the next cumulative update.

 Aeternum Obscurum, Update  
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Just last week, real-world electronic music fans descended on Las Vegas for the real-life event that primarily inspired TrotMania III. Now that summer has officially begun, it’s time to crank up the volume with a little add-on.

But why Night 1.5? Well, firstly, tomorrow does not exist, and secondly, this isn’t the big update we’re also working on


There is now a suite of themed Playlist courses, along with a few BlackHole courses as well. Usually we’ve waited for the full package to distribute these, but I’ve decided otherwise to maintain our modularity. Some of these courses are revivals from TM1 and 2, but have been refreshed with songs from the newer packs.

Theme 1.1

Version 1.1 adds a few new features. PaneDisplays are back, which means that the song selection screen now has a full breakdown of the contents of each song (step count, jumps, holds, etc.). Additionally, ProTiming, a feature from the SM default theme, has also been put back in;

And last but not least…

New song

You wanted something harder? Well, here you go!

Hanna & Hiffa – One Dark Mare

That is one dark looking mare, isn’t it?



 Aeternum Obscurum, Update