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TrotMania V

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It is an honour that I announce that the TrotMania development team has been acquired by Flim Computer Entertainment, makers of Equestria’s favorite dance game GallopGallopRevolution. As such, we’ve been hard at work on the next generation of this classic franchise, and it’s going to be massive … literally.

EDIT: A Flim Computer Entertainment technical support staff member alerted us that our download URL was broken. Please try it again.

ANOTHER EDIT: In case it wasn’t obvious, maybe look at the date of the post?

Introducing GallopGallopRevolution Massive

GallopGallopRevolution Massive is our new product; it is the first ever massively multiplayer dancing game. Choose your difficulty by just following the routine you want on-screen. It tracks your calorie burn, and lets you compete against up to 24 other players at once with our exclusive High Quality Wireless Dance Platforms. GGR Massive is perfect for travelling events companies, fitness centers, and schools.

“Loved this series since the start! The steps are so intuitive!”

Our product features over 200 songs, with many supplied as part of our exclusive partnership with Unicorn Music Group – Equestria’s largest music company. Each routine is expertly crafted for the best dancing experience; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, GallopGallopRevolution Massive has an experience to suit every player.

“Always a sterling set of quality on all fronts”

Last month, we tested this new product at the Ponyville Schoolhouse. Their students enjoyed the invigorating excitement of fitness that is also fun. Their head teacher has endorsed the system, and recommends its incorporation into physical education programs across the country. No other system can make boast this much fun and functionality!

“It’s practically as good as the brothers’ tonics!”

Our wireless Dance Platforms are built using the strongest plastics; they can withstand impact by anypony, ranging from little fillies to large, bulky stallions. They contain scales to automatically weigh players for accurate calorie calculation. In the future, we will offer a hardware upgrade that will allow you to increase the capacity to up to 50 players, and hold live tournaments at the push of a button!

But that’s just the beginning

Before you make your investment into the GallopGallopRevolution Massive system, we would recommend that you check out our free, full-featured demo, GallopGallopRevolution Massive: First Steps. It features a selection of songs and features from the full product that gives you a feel for the experience. It includes hit songs like “Discord”, “Only Pony”, “Pinkie Pie’s Theme”, and more!

We are lucky that we were able to even do this; they gave us 28 minutes to create a demo. Fortunately we managed to, through an arduous series of negotiations, get our deadline increased to five nights. Plus we found a way to shave our development time by half.


Be sure to read the enclosed instructions so that you may install it correctly. We hope that you consider purchasing the full system for more dancing fun! If you have any questions or comments about First Steps, please discuss them using the comment form below. We look forward to your purchase.

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