A major pastime associated with the Spring Renaissance, is collecting up the various loot that almost every guild literally throws around during parties and parades. Candy, necklaces, light sticks, and the like are the most frequent, but another notable variety of trinket are “guild coins” — which feature annual designs representing specific guilds, and have varying levels of rarity and quality.

However, the most dedicated of revelers are not just looking for any old guild coins. “Runic” guild coins — a rarer variety that is made from actual metal — are the most uncommon. Every year, the runic coins of six, specific guilds are sought after by revelers. Why, you ask? They are the first step on a journey, that could potentially lead to (informal) nobility!

It’s more about the tradition itself rather than actual royal status. But it’s still a nice achievement to flaunt on your Ponyhoof!

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In case it wasn’t obvious, yes TrotMania 46 was an April Fool’s joke.

But as we tend to do around here, there’s something within the joke that is real (thanks to the newest member of our stepchart team, KexMiX!), and you won’t need a gold-plated cabinet to play it.

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Today, we would like to proudly announce the upcoming release of our newest version, TrotMania IV6, in honor of our ongoing sixth anniversary year!.We’ve been putting a ton of effort into this release, so I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

Our next generation user interface has been polished and upgraded. Background display effects make operating your game smoother.

Fittingly, we are celebrating this milestone with a grand total of six, all-new songs. As we mentioned earlier, this is a singular release that will be nearly “final” off the bat, so you won’t have to fumble with patches. We also have additional content (including nonstop courses, an additional song, and Versus 99 mode) that will be exclusive to our exciting new “6th Anniversary Model”. We will provide details of these at a later date..

Stay tuned later today for more information about IV6!


Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues (and the fact that we don’t have enough gold to make all the 6th Anniversary Models — gold is expensive, you know! Plus, you could barely see the screen with all the glare), the release of TrotMania IV6 has been delayed indefinitely. However, we know you wanted something out of this, so we released a “permanent beta” of it!

Download TrotMania IV6 Theme “permanent beta”

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Alongside the new content, we’re also polishing up and further-improving some of our oldest content too…

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Adorable jazz pones by therosi11!

There are easier ways to get tickets for BlipCon Prime in New Oreins — Amareica’s biggest celebration of video gaming and indie music — than mashing the refresh button and waiting in virtual line like everypony else. However, you have to earn it.

Blast Furnace recently pulled off an upset win at a semi-major Hooves of Fury V tournament, and was subsequently invited by the game’s publisher to an amateur invitational at BlipCon to promote Ultra Hooves of Fury V Arcade Edition. She received a pair of Deluxe passes, and already knew exactly who she was going to take with her.

On the other hoof, Train Spot and Wave Rider’s new electronic music act The Third Rail was beginning to gain a following, and their first-time panel submission, “Electronic Music At the Turn of the Century Is Objectively Better Than That Junk Everyone Is Putting Out Now” (or “E-mat-oh-ceeob-jay-pon” for short) was deemed worthy enough to make the final event program (along with a live performance for good measure).

However, both camps soon noticed that a rather popular, regional holiday known as the Spring Renaissance would be reaching its peak right before BlipCon. It’s a peculiar event, where local social groups known as Guilds — named after various deities — hold various parades and masquerade balls in an effort to wrap up Winter. One article noted that while some still play this celebration straight, much of it has always been tongue-in-cheek, and that wild parties and LARPing “battles” between guilds were also common.

It just so happened that both Blast Furnace and Obscurus Noctis had encounters with members of guilds that also attend the Gathering of Embers (and that Eight Track had never told Obscurus’s crew about his previous aspirations to be a jazz performer before becoming a DJ instead, and still knew how to play the sax). However, these guilds also happened to be intense rivals!

Perhaps their existing connections would be enough to get them a little deeper into the mayhem than the average tourist…

Guild Goals

I guess we can wish everypony a happy Renaissance Day, then!

TrotMania the Fifth is gradually inching closer to completion: we still have other songs being worked on, I’ve been getting back to work on the user experience, and we still have some rather important and prominent roles available for musicians who think they can challenge themselves to become our next great challenger.

Unlike previous editions, we are trying to handle the release of Shrive a little differently. Rather than the long-term drip-feed of patches and content we’ve done in the past, our main plan is to have more of a singular, final release off the bat. However, don’t rule out any major post-release events too: I evaluated your reception to Trials of the Embers, and I promise that if we do such a thing again within Shrive’s release cycle, it will definitely be balanced better for sure.

In addition, I don’t think that I have brought this up on the TrotMania blog yet, but I have personally been involved in a major collaboration with prominent members of the StepMania community as a whole to, essentially, build a new version of SM (initially dubbed version 5.3) that will include major internal improvements that have been long-overdue, as well as some other new features and enhancements that will more than likely be used within TrotMania in the future. For more information on these efforts, there is a development blog located at projectmoon.dance.

Let’s get back on-topic

Now that we got that out of the way, the parade of previews for Shrive’s soundtrack isn’t over just yet!

And one more thing

How’d you like a little taste of what’s to come?

Download TrotMania V Preview Pack

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