There's nothing like getting into some medieval masquerade mischief during Spring Renaissance season in New Oreins.

The equally-exciting music and gaming convention you originally travelled there for is a close second.

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PonyvilleFM left their doors open for Nightmare Night, so we’re just barging right in! Both me and Fractilx (a.k.a. Dreamland200) have contributed DJ sets for PonyvilleFM’s Nightmare Night Open House, making our grand debuts at this excellent facility! Fractilx is up at 11:15 p.m. ET, while I’ll bring it all to an end at 1:30 a.m. ET. Keep your ears open, because you might hear a familiar tune or two…

TrotMania Live, I guess

So get on your costume, charge up your glowsticks, and join our friends at PonyvilleFM all-day long for what will surely be a rockin’ Nightmare Night! (or Halloween, as it were. And also, don’t forget to change your clocks. I don’t have to, however.)

Edit: So yeah, that was an excellent experience for both of us. We will definitely post them up somewhere so you can listen to them in case you missed it.


When we migrated to PonyvilleFM from Blogger, I had intentionally kept the overall look similar to the old site, but with some updates here and there because I had broken free of the limitations of Blogger (or well, limitations of my knowledge of Blogger, mind you. I need control, for [BUY SOME APPLES] sake!) But now, as AO enters maturity and we begin a dangerous journey towards the next chapter of our happy tale, I think it was about time to rip things apart and throw some new stuff into the equation.

Welcome to what I’m calling “Mach 2”, the Autumn 2015 refresh. The look is, again, somewhat similar, but there’s some differences in the construction that will make it easier for me to do more drastic changes in the future. Not all pages will be using the Mach 2 template at first, and there may be bugs/oddities that need addressing, but it’s still quite a bit more flexible and elegant than what we had before.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t be afraid to tell me!

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Hello everyone! Do you want to be featured in one of these two games? If you’re a brony musician who aso happens to be into rhythm games as much as we are, then step right up and participate! Let’s see if you got what it takes to be selected for a chance to be featured in one of these two interesting rhythm games, Trotmania or K-Shoot Mania.

Refer to this post to know more information on the contest.

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Thanks M.A. Larson!

Before tonight’s headliner takes the stage, we need someone to open the show. We would like to introduce TrotMania Chrystalize: Princess of the Year Edition. No, this is not as drastic as the Dark Souls II re-release (which, I must add, actually is pretty good so far.), but it’s still got some additional fit and finish (timing adjustments, videos, other tweaks), plus all the patches are finally integrated, so you can spend less time trying to figure out how all these extra level patches go together correctly, and more time dancing to some of your favorite pony songs.

This is a song-only pack, so you can add it to your StepMania installation like every other simfile pack out there (we recommend StepMania 5.0.7, for reasons that will soon become apparent)

This is just the tip of tonight’s iceberg…