Welcome to SSC Las Pegasus

Welcome, people who just got here! We got an updated revision!

All we can say now is FINALLY. I personally think this took way too long to finish, but we all pulled through. I am promising now that TrotMania IV will not take over a year to complete ... but if we want to meet this goal, we'll definitely need some help (hint hint).

But even without a new release, awareness of TrotMania as a whole has grown significantly; we've been featured at brony con game rooms (either with all the trimmings, or as just another folder on an OpenITG rig. Not like the latter is bad, mind you. Any exposure is good exposure), and the magic of friendship has gotten us new allies to take us even further (such as PonyvilleFM, the My Little Karaoke team, etc.)

With that in mind, I think it's about time to finally get this party started. Welcome to *TrotMania III: Aternum Obscurum*.

It all sounded normal on paper. SSC Las Vegas; three nights of electronic music, dusk till dawn. Just you and about 29,000 other ponies, maturely trotting around to your favorite DJ's, practically in the middle of nowhere, without worrying about mischievous fillies scampering around and causing ruckus, and dressing up in ridiculous outfits that would probably scar a certain fashion-focused unicorn for life rather than inspire her. But there is a bad feeling in the air: you swear that an uninvited guest is planning to spoil this party. Something tells you that this festival may last a little longer than originally scheduled... but is this really a bad thing?

Oh, this night is going to last forever alright! Sixty songs, a brand new theme, and this is only the the initial pack! (there won't be as many as Chrystalize, but we are planning a few booster packs/patches too, including a brand new original boss.) So, what are you waiting for?


Get TrotMania III

There will be a "full" package a little later on with the TrotMania III content in a bundle with a pre-configured version of StepMania, but this time we've decided to start out with a "modular" version that you can add to an existing StepMania installation. On launch, this consists of the TrotMania III song pack, along with optional Theme and Noteskin (arrow design) packs.

The TrotMania III theme requires the latest version of StepMania to function. Specifically, at least 5.0.7. We will not address "bugs" caused by running it on an older version.

If you have any questions, we recommend posting them on the TrotMania Discussion section of the forum

And now, the moment you've been waiting for:

Thank you, and enjoy!
- Lirodon and the TrotMania Team
  • DuffCreeper


  • Dark Sunrise

    This. Is. AWESOME!
    Great job on this theme! I love everything about it.
    (Not to mention changing the sounds from the Crystalize theme… Those always gave me a splitting headache. These new ones are great.)

  • Niyrenthia

    liking it so far, only issue is difficulty, can we get some much harder songs soon?

  • Lirodon (Author)

    We got bosses down the pipeline

    And the Iron Pony on Wot my trampstamp finks i shud do was actually made ITG style rather than the quasi-DDR style of everything else.

  • guillaumedk

    Hi ! i feel stupid, but i may forgot something. i drop the trotmania3 themes folder in the themes folder of stepmania, and when i applied the theme, the game say that a line LineBGFit is missing in ScreenOptionsService of matrics.ini. where did i failed ?

  • Lirodon (Author)


    Are you on 5.0.7? I’ve never gotten such an error.

  • andres

    podrias poner la cancion i’ll show you my loyalty

  • Phenotrancex9

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, why didn’t I discovered the update earlier till now. It’s seems that I missed the post earlier on EQD. But… it’s still not too bad to join the “night party” late, haha.

    It’s been a while since the last time I’m come to visit here, as I was absent from anything around anywhere. Dx
    Anyway…. thanks for taking the time and efforts for making this awesome project, Lirodon and the rest of the Trotmania team. Really, thank you.
    For now, you guys are once again, pulling me back and get addicted to Trotmania again. xD

    As for the latest “update patch”, it’s seems that most of the songs were imported from the previous pack named “Trotmania Chrystalize Append”, or…. that’s an improvement to them? I know, I know, you guys named it “Append” for a reason.
    Anyway, note charts are still as accurate and well nicely synchronized as usual, and perfectly to play on a pad for “difficultly under 14 and below”, in my opinion of course. Excellent music of choice since electronic music genre type is my top favorite, and there’s plenty of the official MLP music from the show, good job! HD background for the win! xD

    As for the overall difficulty of the notecharts, I still able to achieve most of songs for the difficulty, although I’m kinda new to this MLP fandom (less than 8 months from now…) and started playing it last year. However, they are really enjoyable and sort of challenging for the “Iron Pony” difficulty in some song, which is kind of the balance between newbies and for those experience player who seeking for more challenge. Here’s are the screenshot anyway. xD
    Note: the screenshots were taken before I change the Trotmania III theme yet. Dx

    It’s seems that few years for playing Beatmania and o2jam had kicking in. xD And I still kinda terrible at using pads anyway. Dx

    In conclusion, keep up the good work as always and the theme this time is actually look much cooler than this year.


    I believe you still playing the older stepmania version of 5.0 beta 2a or something like that, cause I experienced the same problem here when I changed the theme once.
    So… just follow Lirodon’s advice and download a new fresh updated version of Stepmania, which is currently in v5.0.7 right now, and just transfer all the stuff from the “Theme” and “Songs” folder from the older beta version, and move into the latest version with same directories. The problem will go away by itself if you do it correctly. ;-)


    hi to all i’m new

  • CeeDee_Player

    @Lirodon Same error to me and I have v5.0.9
    The problem seems to be exclusive to the TM3 theme as all the songs work perfectly fine. I encounter the problem when I try to access the options menĂ¹, where it seems some file is missing and Stepmania crashes, had to remove the theme to reset the themes.
    I hope this more detailed report will help solving the problem, keep up with the great work!


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